About Me

Who am I?

I have spent the last thirty years working in the corporate world of accounting.  I handled the books, and administrative services for many industries, from manufacturing, fund-raising, legal services, property management, non-profit organizations and general contracting.  All through those years, crafting was my way of unwinding and turning off the part of my brain that dealt with finances.  Today I consider myself a “recovering accountant,” full time wife, Mom, Grammee to three amazing grandchildren, and full-time crafter.  Crafting took me in many directions.  I owned a Paint-Your-Own-Pottery Studio, produced beautiful scrapbooks through my love of photography, and now landed on quilting as a perfect craft to do in semi-retirement. I still own my kiln for ceramic days with my granddaughters, and I have a wonderful digital SLR camera to take those once-in-a-lifetime pictures of my beautiful family, but quilting, sewing and embroidery has become a full-time love for me and I enjoy every minute I make something new. 

How I came to be a Long-arm Quilter

I am an avid quilter still learning new and creative ways to design every quilt. I enjoy piecing together quilt tops and I absolutely love the creativity involved with quilting a completed top.  I welcome any imperfections that increase the character of my own quilts.   All of my quilts are meant to be used and loved and I own very few of the quilts I have made in my home since I gift most of them to someone I love.  Binding the quilt by hand as the finishing touch, gives me a reason to pray for the person receiving the quilt and draws me into their life as I think of them and pray for them.  God has answered many a prayer from my binding prayer time, leaving me with a grateful heart and knowledge that the quilt has already served a purpose beyond just covering the recipient with warmth from the cold.

My love of being a Long-arm Quilter

Dreams do come true!  As a long-arm quilter I am able to help others finish their labor of love and create a special heirloom for family, friend or a gift for a wounded veteran to say “Thank you” for their sacrifice and service.   Enhancing beautifully created quilt tops with thread is the perfect combination for my crafty out-of-the-box personality. Thirty years of working with technology and software has provided me the skills necessary to apply the precision needed as a long-arm quilter and enjoy the process along the way.