Notes From a Long Arm Quilter (Test)

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There is nothing more satisfying than quilting for a customer and having the quilt turn out AMAZING! It is why I do
what I do. I love the joy it brings the community of crafters. Here are some simple steps to help ensure your quilt will
become a well-loved heirloom and turn out the way you envision:

Pressing! I can’t stress enough how important this step is. Yes, I do iron and get out the major creases in your quilt top and
backing, but the seams should be pressed by you and pressed well. This makes a huge difference as my long-arm machine is stitching. To
hit a bulky spot can cause needle breaks, thread breaks and skipped stitches. Pressing is so important for the outcome of your project.

Cut off any frayed threads. Especially if your quilt top has a light background or light colored backing. Yes, I also try to catch these, but
honestly, I am focused on thread tension, pattern design & placement, and getting your quilt done quickly and back to you to bind and
enjoy. So cut those stray threads! They can show through when it is quilted and sandwiched together.