Notes from your long-arm quilter

Quilting Laundering & Storing

Machine wash on gentle cycle using cold/warm water, mild detergent and color catcher, to avoid color transfer, use “Shout – Color Catchers” or “Carbona – Color Grabbers.”  Both will help prevent color transfer, although “Carbona – Color Grabbers” are fragrance free.  For best results use a front or top loading machine without agitator post.

If an interfacing was used to apply appliqued blocks to your quilt, these may seem stiff before the first wash.  They will soften and become invisible after the first wash.  

Air dry flat on cotton sheet or machine dry on low temperature.

Dry cleaning is not recommended.

Store quilt flat.  Displayed on a bed is ideal and gives you an opportunity to enjoy your beautiful quilt daily.

You may also store rolled in a cotton bag or pillowcase, away from humidity and light.  If storing quilt for a long period of time, air and re-fold/re-roll periodically.

Do not store in plastic bag or in direct contact with cardboard or unfinished wood.